• Age: 20-something
  • Gender: Nonbinary
  • Pronouns: They/them
  • Species: Cryptarthron rosea
  • Height: 6'7" / 200cm
  • Orientation: Aromantic Pansexual


Particularly food-oriented, especially as it comes to sweets. Likes metal and rock music. Is friends with Rogue and likes them quite a bit. Loves neon colours, especially neon green. Loves to dress hyperfeminine on some occasions.


Doesn't have very strong negative opinions on anything, but is somewhat fearful of fire due to their highly flammable body.


Rogue2 is Rogue's copilot, [platonic] companion, and the last remaining member of their species. They spend a majority of the time following Rogue around as they work, or doing menial tasks for them. They never quite fit in on their home planet, and seem to be the only person able to get along with Rogue at all. Sometimes Rogue treats them more like a pet than a person, but they don't seem to mind much at all!


  • - Excessively chill, to an almost concering amount
  • - Not particularly intelligent
  • - Has no bones, but prefers to move as if they do
  • - Can turn into a bubblegum-like substance to fit into small spaces
  • - Rarely expresses negative emotions, especially anger

    • Strength 1/5
    • Intelligence 2/5, bit of a dumbass
    • Dexterity 4/5, literally has no bones
    • Communication 3/5
    • Literacy 0/5, can't read
    • Cooking 1/5, would like to cook but is very bad at it
    • Combat 2/5
    • Stealth 2/5, pretty clumsy so blows their cover a lot
    • Handling Animals 4/5
    • Pacifying Children 4/5
    • Happiness 4/5
    • Patience 5/5, literally the chillest possible
    • Confidence 4/5
    • Charisma 3/5
    • Generosity 3/5
    • Aggression 0/5
    • Empathy 2/5, though they are kind