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Who Am I?

★ Male, He/Him
☆ Born July 12th
★ Cancer, INFP-T
☆ English + French

Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Bands: Def Leppard,
Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, NSP,
Favourite Video Game: SMW2;
Yoshi's Island
Favourite Movie: Little Shop of Horrors
Favourite Colours: Pink, Orange, Green

So, you're thinking to yourself, "Who's this handsome hunk who's page I've just stumbled across?" Well that would be me! I'm Clownfred, I'm a clown, artist, and generally super cool dude from Canada! My dad has been a big tech nerd since the early 90s and (somewhat unfortunately) introduced me to the internet when I was fairly young. Things were quite a bit less centralized on the internet back then, and I had always dreamed of having my own website. Now you're here!

I've been fixated on clowns since I was a kid, I am one after all! I really like bright colours and silly outfits, and the androgynous dress of most clowns has always seemed very rad to me! While I have considered a proper professional career in clowning, I'm not very good with kids. They're noisy and smell bad. I also really like glam metal! It has an awesome sound and is just generally dope as fuck.

I don't have much social media, hence why you won't see any linked here. Social medias stink! I do have an account on the instant messenger Discord, but you won't see it linked here. I'll gladly pass it along to any friends! Who wouldn't want to talk to me, after all.

I can be pretty hyper or brash at times, and also have a bit of trouble with communication, so please be patient! I'm also admittedly a little egocentric, I could talk about myself for hours! I still really like chatting with other people though. Just keep all that in mind, I guess!

All that aside, I hope you find yourself enjoying the site! It was nice to meet you! If you need anything, you can always contact me through my email which is linked on the main page! :0)

- Clownfred J. Glamhonk

I've had a little difficulty fitting in with other people my whole life. I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorder, as well as generalized anxiety disorder and selective mutism, while I was still in elementary school. Internet spaces aren't much different, my neurodivergence makes it very difficult for me to keep in touch with people and a lot of online spaces feel somewhat uncomfortable. So... why not make my own?

This lead to the creation of Clownfred Zone! When I first began making the site in May of 2022, I had no HTML knowledge at all, and was a little intimidated. I taught myself through some trial and error, some Google-ing, and a bit of vague memories of editing pages on wikis many years ago. W3Schools has been particularly useful in teaching me what I know about HTML, CSS, and some JS, even though I'm still very amateur!

A screencap of my original site design... oh how far we've come!

My site itself is made with NeoCities, and I bought my domain from PorkBun!

I make a majority of the graphics on my website, (with the exception of blinkies, buttons, and userboxes) and don't really want other people using them given I made them specifically for this site. However, I also use a few graphics from Mazeguy Smilies and GifCities. Most of the smilies you'll see on my page have been made by Mazeguy, his stuff is really good! You can ask me if a graphic is mine or not if you'd like to use it on your own site. :0)

I draw with FireAlpaca and use Paint.Net for editing or touchups.


☆ Are homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, islamophobic, or bigoted in any way
★ Are pro-capitalist or pro-fascist
☆ Brag about being an asshole or otherwise think being a douche for no reason is okay


☆ I curse frequently and am unlikely to stop for anyone in particular
★ I very often post and talk about clowns and mimes
☆ I often post about bugs and spiders