Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a platformer released by Nintendo in late 1995. It was originally made for the SNES, though has later been ported to other systems. In the game, you play as Yoshi, and set off on a quest to reunite a baby Mario with his brother Luigi. Kamek, the malevolent magikoopa, attempts to thrwart your efforts at every turn.

It also happens to be my favourite game! I grew up with the SNES and Nintendo 64, I can clearly recall my dad playing Yoshi's Island and letting us take turns with the controller. I'm not particularly good at video games, so I hadn't actually beat the game until I was about 15. It's an incredibly solid platformer, with smooth controls and easy to understand mechanics, as well as reasonably challenging levels. (Though, don't expect some Battletoads level difficulty here) If you've never played it, give it a shot!

Burt the Bashful


Burt the Bashful is the first boss you'll meet. And just look at him! He's adorable. You defeat him by embarrassing him until he literally explodes from shame.

Salvo the Slime


Salvo is one of my favourites. They don't hurt you or anything, they just try to push you into the lava surrounding their arena. It spits off small Lemon Drops, which you can use to create eggs and swing them at Salvo until they get so small they disappear.

Bigger Boo


Despite being transformed into a giant, Bigger Boo is just as shy as his smaller relatives. Looking right at him will cause him to become invulnerable and hide his face. But once you turn your back, he'll try to sneak up on you.

Roger the Potted Ghost


The second spooky miscreant in World 2, Roger the Potted Ghost is a lot less mobile than his peers. Yoshi must engage in a battle of strength with two Shy Guys as they attempt to use the potted spirit to push you off the edge.

Prince Froggy


This time, instead of making this Pirate Froggy larger, Kamek makes Yoshi smaller! Once consumed by Froggy, you have to fight your way out by flinging eggs at Prince Froggy's uvula, avoiding stomach acid and shy guys in the meantime. This boss fight absolutely ruined me during my 100% run, and I already hate Pirate Froggies as an enemy, so this boss is my least favourite.

Naval Piranha


Naval Piranha is a water-dwelling oversized piranha plant. It charges back and forth, spitting Nipper Plants. Yoshi can defeat them by hitting them several times in it's inflamed navel.

Marching Milde


Instead of directly attacking you, this giant Milde is mostly a peaceful soul. Though eggs do not affect her, you can ground pound her head to split her into more manageable pieces.

Hookbill the Koopa


This oversized stompin' koopa troopa is my favourite boss. This is almost entirely nostalgia related. As a kid, I thought Hookbill was the coolest looking boss out there. His boss fight, though incredibly easy, is very fun to play.

Sluggy the Unshaven


Sluggy inches toward Yoshi, threatening to push him off the edge if he doesn't defeat them. Fling enough eggs at Sluggy's quick-healing slime and you can get to their only weak spot: their heart.

Raphael the Raven


To fight Raphael the Raven is to shoot the moon, literally! He shoots you up to a small moon, forcing you to orbit around it as he chases you. You can defeat him by ground pounding a stump that he is opposite of. I hope you're good at timing.

Tap-Tap the Red Nose


Similar to a regular Tap-Tap, his metallic body is too tough for Yoshi to crack. Eggs just aren't enough, you'll have to find some other way to get past him.

Baby Bowser


This little version of King Koopa is not to be underestimated. Spoiled rotten by Kamek, he's not one to take "no" for an answer.


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