Trans Resources


Jim Collins Foundation

A charity to provide financial assistance to transgender people who cannot afford gender-affirming surgery.

Scientific American: "Beyond XX and XY"

An infographic which provides a basic understanding of the bimodality of biological sex.



The Trevor Project

An American organization which runs help hotlines, as well as hosts additional resources for transgender people.

Trans Lifeline

Operates transgender hotlines and lifelines in Canada and the United States.

Coming Out: Living Authentically as Transgender or Non-Binary

A PDF file made by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which covers coming out for transgender youths.

TWOCC: Trans Women of Color Collective

An organization created to "cultivate economic opportunities and affirming spaces for trans people of color and our families, to foster kinship, build community engage in healing and restorative justice through arts, culture, media, advocacy and activism" .

Bicycle Health: Substance Use Disorder in LGBTQ+ Community

An article covering Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in the LGBTQ+ community, which covers information on the topic and provides treatment resources for those who may be struggling.

BOCA Recovery Center: LGBTQ+ & Substance Abuse Guide

A useful guide covering substance abuse in the LGBTQ+ community. Contains information on substance abuse trends in the LGBTQ+ community, guidelines on gender-affirming treatment for substance abuse, and information on how to help an LGBTQ+ person with an addiction.



The Get Real Movement: Bind Safe

Contains educational info on safe chest binding practices.

Chest Binding: Tips and Tricks For Trans Men, Nonbinary, and Genderfluid People

Article containing more educational info on safe chest binding practices.

TransTape: FAQ

Contains educational info on binding tape, an alternative to fabric binders.


Packing Heat: The Ultimate Guide To FTM Packers

Contains educational info on different kinds of packers as well as wearing tips.

Packing for FTM Trans Guys - Beginners Guide

More educational info on different kinds of packers.

Breast Forms

All About Breast Forms & Breast Form Bras

Article containing information on breast form types, choosing a breast forms and bra sizes, as well as care info.


Point of Pride: Tucking

Article on tucking, tucking safety, and picking out tucking gear.


Masculinizing Chest Surgery

The Ultimate Top Surgery Reference Guide

A massive guide covering masculinizing top surgery types, potential complications, choosing surgeons, preparation, recovery, results, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to FTM Top Surgery

Similar to the above link, but in a more visual PDF format.

r/ftm: I wrote a top surgery preparation and aftercare guide

A guide written by a transgender person with images and tips on scar care.

Hormone Therapy (General)

UCSF Transgender Care: Information on Testosterone Hormone Therapy

A guide on testosterone hormone therapy.

UCSF Transgender Care: Information on Estrogen Hormone Therapy

A guide on estrogen hormone therapy.

Bottom Surgery (General)

Bottom Surgery: What You Need to Know

An article with educational information on different kinds of bottom surgery.


National Center for Transgender Equality

A website containing a lot of information on transgender people and the importance of transgender equality.

Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Nonbinary Young People

An introduction to practices that can help support transgender and nonbinary youths.

Good Practices: Inclusive Language

A guide on some gender inclusive language, and outdated terms you should likely avoid.

Human Rights Campaign: Understanding Neopronouns

An article on neopronouns, what they are, and how to use and respect users of them.


Trans Day of Visibility: March 31st

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia: May 17th

Pride Month: June

Nonbinary People's Day: July 14th

Genderfluid Visibility Week: October 17th-24th

Trans Awareness Month: November

Trans Awareness Week: November 13th-19th

Transgender Day of Remembrance: November 20th

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