Spore is a life simulation and real-time action strategy game made by Maxis (creator of many other great games like SimAnt and SimLife) in 2008. In the game, you play as a creature as it develops from a cell to a fully sophont space-faring species. Spore allows you to create an account and share Spore creatures with other players, which they can download and add to their own games. The add-on "Galactic Adventures" allows players to create a planet from scratch, populate it and make an adventure game with it.

Here are some of my more recent Spore creatures! Unfortunately I don't have all my Spore creatures I've made as a kid since those harddrives are long gone.

Cansol, Warrior, Carnivore
Gilior, Shaman, Herbivore
Sqax, Trader, Omnivore
Mindro, Bard, Omnivore
Archibeld, Diplomat, Omnivore
Emethen, Ecologist, Carnivore

Creature stage is the best stage, fight me.

Aliens Against Grox