This page is an ode to some very important things from my childhood. I grew up with a lot of 90s and early 2000s media, in spite of being

born in the mid 2000s! I suspect that this is due to my dad sharing a lot of his interests with us as kids, and my general trend

of being comically late to things. I had very early computer access, spending a lot of my time on a bulky white ViewSonic

monitor in my sister's room, which we shared for a few years. I always loved Windows XP, partially because it's the first

OS I used, but also because of it's charming artstyle and the overall ease of use of it all.

My earliest memories on the web were typically googling Pokémon content on Internet Explorer, as well as occasionally

downloading things that promised free screensavers and cursors, which were typically just spyware which loaded our

browser with so many toolbars it could barely run anymore. I also remember using MSN messenger to, of all things,

roleplay as Ghostbusters characters with my siblings. We were really into the Ghostbusters cartoon, my

favourite character was always Ray.

We had a huge CRT TV, or at least it felt huge when I was a kid, on which we played a lot of SNES and N64 games, as well

as some Wii games. I can distinctly remember sitting at the big monitor on an old

games, as well ottoman, composing some music on Mario Paint while waiting for the

gnat attack minigame to start up again.

The tabs along the sides will show you some images and GIFs that I feel represent the good parts of my childhood. You can scroll through them!