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I remember aBowman from my days using iGoogle, where I enjoyed using their virtual hamster, turtle, and penguin pets. It came as a surprise to me that they're still around, and working on many projects! One of my personal favourites is HammyHome, a fun and simplistic virtual pet game with fully customizable hamsters and cages.

Interactive Buddy

This was my favourite game as a kid, hands-down. It's an easy to understand simulation game in which you buy different tools to play with (or beat the shit out of) your interactive buddy. I still can't get myself to hurt the little guy.

DAN-BALL's Powder Game

A clever physics simulation game. I find it quite therapeutic to play with. :o)


A small website full of fun little activities!



Gives you a random Google street view. Not to be confused with Geoguessr.

Stellarium Web

An interactive map of the cosmos above. Not suitable for those with space-related anxiety.

Tests & Quizzes

16 Personalities

One of the most popular personality tests. Some people swear by this test, though personally I don't think it really means anything. It's just fun! ;o)

ARealme Ability Tests

I find these are good time-wasters in long classes or trips. Competing with friends on these can be fun as well.

IDRlabs offers a variety of tests, some more scientific and some more for fun. Take every quiz with several grains of salt, they're just for fun!



A large archive of Geocities GIFS.

Mazeguy Smilies

A resource for smilies. Make sure to check out the usage guidelines on the website!


A Blingee alternative.

Cool Netizens!

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