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February 24th, 2023

It’s been a lazy couple weeks, but I’m back baby! I’ve been feeling super great about myself.

I’m quite certain now on the autosexual label I was discussing a while back. I still have romantic attraction to other people, of course, but I definitely have a stronger than usual romantic attraction to myself. Accepting that has helped me feel a lot less weird about it, and just maybe this entry will help someone else that stumbles across it! :P

Last weekend I went down to an estuary to photograph some local wildlife. While most of the pictures were ducks, I did also get a raven, blue heron, and some beautiful harbour seals! I’ve never been able to see seals up close before, and I think the pictures are very cute. I really ought to find a place to post all that stuff, nature gives us truly beautiful creatures! (Humans included, of course!)

As for the website, I’ve been working on redoing some older pages so that they feel more personalized and match with the website’s theme. I’ve also been thinking about adding some form of comment box for the journal entries, as I ask a lot of questions. We’ll see! ;o)


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February 5th, 2023

What’s up everyone?

Since exam week has passed, I’ve got a lot more motivation to do personal stuff! I think this is evident enough by the updated homepage and about me section, which I’m both pretty proud of. (Though I’d like to add more decorations to both of them, I like clutter)

Recently, my new camera got here! It’s a Nikon COOLPIX P1000!!! I’m incredibly grateful to have such a high quality camera, after just using my old phone camera for years. I’ve been using it to take pictures of birds and other local wildlife, and the amount of detail it can capture is amazing! I’ve been going around some of the local rivers and estuaries to find new animals to photograph. Maybe I’ll find somewhere on the website to post them, who knows!

I’ve been questioning my identity again lately (it’s never too late to find out new things about yourself!) and have been wondering if I’m somewhere on the aromantic spectrum! Now that I’ve experienced being in a fair few relationships, I’ve realized just how much happier and more confident I am without them. It could also be that those relationships sucked though, of course, but I’ll need to think on it and experiment more. I’ve also been thinking about being autoromantic, though I’m hesitant to identify with it quite yet. Fun stuff!

Hope everyone’s doing well, and has a great week! :o)


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