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December 19th, 2022

What a busy couple of months!

I’ve been swamped with my schoolwork lately, and life’s been somewhat monotonous. But winter break approaches! It’s hard to believe after this year, I’m done with schooling for good…

There’s a large river that splits through my town, and yesterday I thought I’d have a visit. Some salmon just finished a run through, so the eagles are very active. I saw so many of them of all ages, I always forget how large they are!

There were eagles, seagulls, mergansers, goldeneye ducks, american dippers, herons, bears, and coyotes. I walked a good few kilometres downstream through snow and icy rock, feeling the bitterly cold air sting my lungs and hearing the sounds of coyotes in the distance. There were skulls and spines of salmon littered about the rocks. There is something beautiful about feeling like you’re at the mercy of nature.

I headed back upstream as the sun set and the sky became much darker, then went back home. It was lovely, and I’m hoping I can get a few more little trips in throughout the winter. Hopefully when the bears are less active, though. :P

TODAY’S RATING: 8/10, feeling wonderful.

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September 27th, 2022

Another one of my pet ferrets, George, has passed away today due to lymphoma. He was peacefully euthanized and passed comfortably surrounded with family. He's the second one of our three ferrets to pass.

He was a beautiful ferret with a distinct personality. Unlike his brothers, he's always been very social and affectionate with humans and has kept his young appearance. He loved toy mice, peanut butter-flavoured ferret treats, and blankets.

Rest in peace little buddy. May I see you again over the rainbow bridge.

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