My Journal

March 26th, 2023

What's up y'all!

My spring break's coming to an end, and that means back to school tomorrow... But hey, it's only another 3 months before I graduate and I'm out of here! Woot woot! I'm doing pretty well in school too, both my teachers are pretty cool dudes. (Though they keep calling me Alfie... it's Alfred!)

I got my hair cut last week, which is really tripping me out. I haven't had short hair for 13 years, much less had an actual professional haircut! I'm not a massive fan of my haircut, I kinda look like Tim Burton's Willy Wonka, but the hair is going to a good cause and I can always regrow it! I didn't realize how many things I had to deal with with long hair that my shorter hair doesn't require! Doesn't take 4-5 hours for it to dry, I don't need to adjust it all the time, I don't have to comb it so thoroughly, I don't shed all over the place... You short haired people have had it easy this whole time!

Hope you're all doing swell.


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