Clownfred J. Glamhonk

Whats up losers! If you’ve read the front page you should already know, I’m Clownfred! I’m an 18 year old clown (by species, not by trade) from Canada. I’ve been fixated on clowns since I was about twelve years old! I am one, after all. I am an amateur artist, but also enjoy zoology, birding, and animal photography! I'm also hella mentally ill, but like, in a sexy way... totally.

I have pretty high social anxiety and I am also autistic, therefore not the best at social interaction! You won’t find me on most other social medias, with the exception of Discord. This is basically my home here online. If you ever need to contact me, feel free to use my email. One-on-one social interaction is hard for me, and I forget to respond to messages frequently! Try not to take it personally. ;0]